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We create experiences that make memories, through the UAE’s culture and landscape.

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Three pillars of SLF

Explorers. Places. Culture.


Human interaction, connecting different societies together in the love of adventure


Keeping the environment with the minimum footprint is a collective responsibility we raise awareness about


In everything that SLF stands for is merely a reflection of the UAE’s wildlife history, present and future

SLF guides your path

Be prepared for your next adventure. Always.


Find the best spots for your next adventure


Know what you need for your trips and where to find it



We support each other, reach out and be part of the community!


Be aware of the rules and regulations before you get in trouble

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What you get by joining the SLF community?

We create experiences that make memories, through the UAE’s culture and landscape.

We explore for a living and share our experiences with you. From the desert to the mountains and down to the sea, all you need to hit the road is one click away.

We strive to create a community that respects the wildlife, appreciates the local culture and enjoy nature.

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Started as a hobby, became a passion and now it is a lifestyle.

Camping: Trips to the beach with a view of the city skyline are an everyday sight, so for a quiet trip out of town, locals head east into the desert and mountains

Hiking: Though many associate the UAE with its world-famous skyscrapers and architectural landmarks, it’s also home to stunning hiking trails

Desert: intriguing and an altogether fantastic way to indulge in the local culture – as well as getting the rare opportunity to see the desert first-hand.

Horse-riding: one of the UAE’s most popular sports, and the number of world-class racing facilities and riding clubs across the country is testament to that


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